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8yue 的第一场 雅思考试 已过, 津桥国际学院 的教研团队特为备考的小童鞋们准备了大陆 听力考试 试题的回忆 Section1 The charge of phone关于电话收费 1-2) Completion: 1. The rent is 14 pounds by m

  8yue 的第一场雅思考试已过,津桥国际学院的教研团队特为备考的小童鞋们准备了大陆听力考试试题的回忆

Section1 The charge of phone关于电话收费

  1-2) Completion:

  1. The rent is 14 pounds by monthly besides the Super Combo.

  2. The charge is 0.8 pence/minute, if it exceeds 70 minutes.

  3-5) Multiple choice:

  Three services provided no extra fee?

  3. Reminder of the last 5 calls;

  4. Calling diversion;

  5. Renew password;

  6-10) Completion:

  6. Access to Internet line

  7. Bills need to be paid every 3 months

  8. Contract can be ended at any time

  9. Sending email need to rent a line

  10. To get access to your information of bank account, you need a password.

  Section2 A woman introduce her Barkley Garden

  11-15) Multiple choices:

  11. What Barkley Garden is proud of

  A. a great variety of plans

  B. different types of people

  12. What change had happened in the new garden?

  A. more land

  B. extend to sea

  C. fruits and vegetables plant as well as flowers

  13. The old garden has the metal detector, it is to find the:

  A. coins

  B. seed labels

  C. gardening tools

  14. What is the new project will be added for kids-liking?

  A. a new playground

  B. toy vehicles

  C. a small garden

  15. The idea originated from?

  C. inspired by reading an Italian gardening book

  16-20) Matching:

  A. Recently finished

  B. Include an old statue

  C. Link to an exhibition

  D. Include a special species which can only be bought at Barkley

  E. Designed by J herself

  F. Won an award

  G. Need extra cost to enter

  16. Rose Garden A

  17. Formal Garden E

  18. Herb Garden B

  19. Woodland Garden C

  20. Water Garden F

  Section3 Lan Swimming lessons a radio report: Nick and Susan are discussing the coming presentation 学生讨论口头报告

  21-30) Completion

  21. Date: October 15th

  22. To summarize content

  23. To combine presentation and social content

  24. Writer review: the value of the book

  25. You need apply software to assist

  26. Assessment on content and organization

  27. Allowed only one slide

  28. When doing presentation, you mustnt read aloud from the book

  29. Do not use too many colors and fonts

  30. Presentation need to be filmed

  Section4 Adelaide-Darwin Railway 澳洲阿德莱德-达尔文间的铁路

  31-36) Completions:

  31. In the beginning, there were the economic and logistical problems;

  32. The building been assisted by camel

  33. The line the Holy Grail closed down in 19XX.

  34. Never Never Line is called gap of 980 square km

  35. Experts thought the railway the line to nowhere could not make a profit

  36. The rail construction was affected by the cli8090up.commate

  37-40) Multiple choices:

  37. The development of Australia air travel(when compared to rail)can offer:

  A. convenient trip

  B. low cost traveling

  C. guests have opportunities to view sceneries

  38. The new railway systems disadvantages:

  A. infrequent trains and not enough passengers

  39. Darwin as port can be:

  B. good place for international trade

  40. The problem of railway transport:

  B. upload and download container

  C. loss of goods during transporting

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