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英语六级写作部分占考试总分的15% ,总分是106.5分。写好作文是得到高分的关键,下面是小编整理的2019年12月英语六级作文预测及范文,希望能够为您带来参考与帮助。



一、Write a composition entitled A Poster Calling for the Design of Environment-friendly Cloth Bag. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 为了响应国家限用塑料袋的规定,学院环保协会征集环保布袋的设计方案。

2. 欢迎大家踊跃投稿,截止日期为6月1日。

题材连接:城市交通问题属于比较热点的社会话题,对于六级考试的作文题材来说,越来越偏重于社会的次热点话题,而且与人们的生活密切相关,让考生拿到题目后有话可说,有怎么找一个好的英语培训机构呢 黄马褂外教网,专注少儿英语。文可写.对于目前的社会问题来说了,除了交通问题外,住房问题,就业的问题都可能作为考查的范围与话题


A Poster Calling for the Design of Environment-friendly Cloth Bag

In recent years, to control the “white pollution”,our government has taken a lot of measures to promote the use of environment-friendly cloth bags. In respond to government’s appeal, the Environment Protection Association of our department will invite you to take part in our activity of cloth bag design.

You can submit your design by email or in person. Your wonderful designs are expected before June,1st. If your designs are chosen by our association , you will have a bonus of ¥ 200.

If you want to get more detailed information about our activity, you may have contact with us on the number 12345678 or e-mail us by cloth bag design

Your active participation will be greatly appreciated. We are lookingforward to your terrific design.

二、Honesty in the Loan System

1.教育部展开对贫困生的贷款资助 2.很多学生不按期还贷款



Honesty in the Loan System

China’s Ministry of Education has carried out an education loan system for years.Government grants interest-free loan to millions of college students from poor families every year.However,some student debtors fail to repay their loa现在很多机构都说自己是情景式教学法,jh0451.com但是家长们对于这种教学方面比不了解。ns even many years after graduation.

It is the national priority to push the whole which students from poverty-stricken families have the right to be offered the money and the fair opportunities.Our government has a duty to provide and protect a comprehensive and high-quality education for its entire citizens.On the other hand,the students have to pay back the money after their school days.Otherwise,they,the loan defaulters,lose their credits, which is definitely not the result of our education.

To be honest is the best policy.Students master the technical and survival skills,and they,first of all,have to learn to be a human.

三、College Students’Social Responsibilities





College Students’Social Responsibilities

If you Google“the 71st Anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre”(in Chinese)on the Internet,you will be impressed by the video show of a girl’s special commemoration.After watching the video.I Was wondering where college students were.Taking into consideration their indifference to other historic events such as the May 4 Movement,we can conclude that college students lack the due social responsibilities.

However,we should not simply criticize their indifference,and analysis should be made to reckon with underlying reasons.Firstly,college students are imposed excessive pressure by the job market.They have to pay more attention to their studies.Secondly,many students believe that the history has already been borne in mind,and it is unnecessary to commemorate historic anniversaries each year.For them,it is better to internalize the humiliated history and work hard than to hold ceremonies without concrete contents.

To my way of thinking,college students should not keep silent on those occasions.It is our responsibilities to voice Our aspirations and let the society know that we have not forgotten the history.


1.Along with the advance of the society more and more problems are brought to our attention, one of which is that....


2.As to whether it is a blessing or a curse, however, people take different attitudes.

然而,是好还是坏,人们持不同的看法。(Hold different attitudes 持不同的看法;Come up with different attitudes 有不同的看法)

3.As society develops, people are attaching much importance to....


4.People are attaching more and more importance to the interview during job hunting


5.As to whether it is worthwhile ......, there is a long-running controversial debate. It is quite natural that people from different backgrounds may have divergent attitudes towards it.


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