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A: What do you think about our advertising campaign? Is it clear what were trying to say with this ad?

B: I dont think this says what we want it to say. To me,it seems to be missing something. Our main demographic is women aged 25-40. The values of our target group are economy,value,comfort,convenience, simplicity. . .

A: I think were getting our message across. . . maybe we do need to tweak it a little bit. Our most profitable customers arent going to go for something that doesnt appeal to their values,but I dont think this ad is that far off. Maybe just a fe在现在的社会,想要迅速、高效、zhuozhi.org有针对性地提高自己的英语应对能力,最好的方法就是请外教老师进行一对一的英语培训w small changes would suffice.

B: What kind of changes should we make?

A: Based on the results of our test run,we need to focus more on the credibility of our product. I think if we added an expert opinion or some kind of endorsement from a trusted source,we could make this advertisement much more effective.

B: I think we should focus more on the quality of the brand. We effectively appeal to customers who are looking for luxury at economy prices. Our target customers care about the value they get for their money.







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