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C=Cashier (出纳) G=Guest (宾客)

G1: This place is great. Im surprised they have so much.这个地方真棒,居然有这么多的东西。

G2: Yes, but it takes a while to find things. Its not organized as carefully as a regular store.是的,但找东西有点麻烦。它的东西摆放不像普通商场那么有秩序。

G1: I never shopped in an outlet before. We dont have any in my hometown. Why do they call it an outlet?我以前从没在奥特莱斯购物过。在我们家乡没有这么样的商场。它们为什么被称为奥特莱斯呢?

G2: Sometimes a clothes co现在孩子学习在线儿童英语是趋势来着,zhuozhi.org很多家长都不想孩子输在起跑线上mpany makes too many of one item. They cant sell it all in their regular stores. So they send the overstock to an outlet. Thats why they call it an outlet.有时候一家公司生产太多同一款式的衣服,他们在常规商店卖不完它们。所以他们把积压的库存送到一个直销折扣店里。英语的直销折扣店的音译就是奥特莱斯。

G1: And they have faulty products here too.他们把有缺陷的产品也放在这里。

G2: Yes. A faulty product may be a shirt that has some problem. Or a pair of pants that is ripped a little. Sometimes the fault is very small. So its a good deal to buy it. Sometimes, if you have a needle and thread, you can fix it yourself.是的。一个问题产品可能是一件有问题的衬衫,或一条有破洞的裤子。有时候毛病是非常小的,所以购买它是一个很好的交易。有时候,只要你有针线,你自己就可以修理它。

G1: I like to sew, so thats easy for me. I think its really a good deal. Some of these shirts have only one tiny mistake on them.我喜欢缝纫,所以这对我来说太容易了。我认为这很划算。这些衬衫只有一个小瑕疵。

G2: I know. So its a good idea to shop in an outlet sometimes. You can save a lot of money.我知道。所以去直销折扣店购物是一个好主意。你可以省下一大笔钱。


G1: Thats great for me. Now that Steve and I have the baby, we want to save as much as we can.那真是太适合我了。现在史蒂夫和我有孩子了,我们要尽可能多的节省。

C: Cash or credit, Maam?现金还是信用卡,夫人?

G1: Credit.信用卡。

C: Wow! How many of those sweatshirts are you buying?哇!你要买多少件外套呀?

G1: I have six here.六件。

C: Six? Why do you need so many?6件?你为什么买这么多呢?

G1: Theyre such a good deal. Im buying one for Steve, one for his brother Rick, one for my dad, two for my sisters, and one for me.它们很实惠。我买一件给史蒂夫,一件给他弟弟瑞克,一件给我爸爸,两件给我的姐妹,一件给我自己。

C: You really know how to use an outlet store!你真会利用一个直销折扣店!

G1: I ought to make the most of it while Im here, dont you think?既然来了就应该充分利用它,你不觉得吗?

C: Sure. Youre smart.当然。你真聪明。

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