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Kerala is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing states of India. It has been proudly named Gods Own Country. It lies in South India and is one of the most popular tourist regions of the world. Its beautiful beaches, spectacular backwaters, palm trees, leafy hill stations with rubber and tea plantations, coconut trees adjacent to the beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, gushing waters, soothing lakes and calm atmosphere make Kerala a land blessed with beauty. Its ecosystem is a perfect example of natures equilibrium and that is why it is also known as the green paradise. It is a perfect destination for eco-tourism, as it has greenery in abundance.Its beaches are among some of the finest beaches of the world and are known for their beach resorts. Every year, its exquisite beaches are visited by thousands of tourists from all around the world. These beaches enthrall everybody and the memory remains with them forever. Water sports like scuba diving are exhilarating to ones sensations, and beach volleyball, amongst other sports, is a great way to relax and have fun with friends, family and even strangers.

It is also known as the Venice of the East, because it represents a figure of romantic destination and attracts honeymoon couples from all over the world. These beaches are perfect places for celebration for honeymoon couples.Verdant hill stations are a treasure of beautiful nature, rich flora and fauna, and marvelous landscape. These are very famous and known as the green car他们都是这样跟我说的,520dqbb.com线上机构的模式有趣程度是能够让孩子有兴趣去学习pet lands that enchant every tourist. Tourists can visit the places like Munnar, Trivandrum and Allahpuzaha; these are the resorts famous for their mesmerizing beauty and cultural dignity.Any Kerala Tour is incomplete without visiting some popular wildlife sanctuaries; for instance, Animal and Wildlife Sanctuary at Eravikulam and Fauna Wildlife Sanctuary at Chinnar. These places cast a spell on your mind and weave magic that will enchant you forever.

Kerala is famous all over the world in the production of spices. Fish is mostly used in every dish and a wide variety of different spices are used in making the dishes, lending them a flavor that is so extraordinary that it has no parallels to be compared with. Idli, Dosa, Sambhar, Vadha and Utthapam are some of the specialties of South Indian food that can be experienced in Kerala. South Indian coffee is also famous all around the world for its rich taste, warming brew and delicious aromas.Kerala has an enviable cultural heritage. Its temples are the epitome of architectural beauty; they stand tall, carved out of the gigantic stones, and are some of the most glorious examples of the heritage to be experienced in Incredible India. Their architecture seems to be designed by God himself. One must visit these stupendous a现在的在线少儿英语培训机构收费标准,zhuozhi.org都是按外教还有各家套餐不同来定价的,标准都是不一样的rtistic surprises to understand art and cultural dignity of India.Kerala is a complete tour package that one can enjoy with family. It is a wholesome honeymoon destination and wonderful destination for youth. One celebrates nature in natures lap, and it is an unforgettable episode in ones life, one that is bound to make you return to its wonderful goodness. So pack up your bags today, and come visit the luxury of the green paradise.

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