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November 14, 2013

We went to the museum today. A couple of Indians had a canoe with some animal skins in it. They asked if I came to buy their我觉得是会因人而异的。 不过要想要找家性价比高的有外教教学的机构也还是有的。 skins. I told them I didnt bring any money with me. Then, in the museum kitchen a lady in a big fancy dress was cooking supper. She had to light a wood fire in her stove before she could cook. Im glad Mommy doesnt use that kind of stove. Im pretty sure she doesnt know how to start a fire. In the bedroom, there was a little girl trying to take a nap on a mattress MADE OUT OF STRAW! I wouldnt be able to sleep on straw, either. I asked Daddy why the people were doing such strange things. He said it was living history. They are showing us how people lived a long time ago.


今天我们去博物馆参观。有一对印地安人在挂着一些兽皮的独木舟上。他们问我要不要买兽皮。我跟他们说我身上没带钱。然后,一个穿着大件化妆服装的女人在博物馆的厨房煮晚餐。她得要先在她的炉子点火才能煮饭。我很高兴妈咪不用那种炉子。我非常肯定妈咪一定不知道如何生火。在卧室里,有一个小女孩试着要在稻草床垫上睡午觉!我也一定不能在那种稻草床上睡觉。我问爸爸为什么他们都做这么奇怪的事情。他说这就是活生生的历史。他们向我们展示外教英语口语培训多少钱, 英语外教大概多少一节课很久以前人们的生活。

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