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A: The question we should be asking ourselves is,can we make money on this deal?

B: I dont see why not. . . There is a high demand in the market for the products we want to export. We have them available cheaply. We can export them to the New Zealand market and sell them for ten-fold what it costs.

A: Youre forgetting a very important detail. Did you figure in the cost of the tariffs well have to pay? If we want to export to New Zealand,wed better look 对于7-12岁的孩子来说,已经有了一定的英语认知scyixing.com主要以培养英语学习兴趣,以及英语基础,发音口语为重up the tariff regulations. We may find that its too costly to import these items.

B: Oh. . . How much will we have to pay in tariffs on o对于3-6岁的孩子来说sh-chuqiao.com英语的认知以及兴趣的培养和引导正确的发音最为重要!ur imports? It cant be that much.

A: Depending on the item it can be as much as 90%of the value.

B: Well. . . We could make more money on the deal if it werent for the outrageous taxes we have to pay. What if we just found a way around the system? I mean,we can set up a way to ship the goods without declaring them,right?

A: Thats a really bad idea. We have to be careful to do business legally. If we get caught importing goods without declaring them to pay tariff,then there are some very hefty fines.








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