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S: Good afternoon. Please come in and make yourselves at home. if you need anything,Ill just e over there.下午好。请进,不用拘束。如果您需要什么,我就在那边

C: Thank you.谢谢。真的一样

S: Have you found one that you like already?您找到喜欢的了吗?

C: Ilike this paricular style. Do you have one with the same color as my hair?我喜欢这个特别的样式。你们有和我头发相同颜色的假发吗?

S: Yes,we do. And in the same hair textrure as yours.有。而且和您的头发和组织一样的。

C: Can Isee it ?可以看看吗?

S: Here it is.您看吧



C: Id like to see myself in the mirror.我想照照镜子。

S: Lit me just get one for you.我来拿一块给您

C: Doesnt it looktoo artificial?看起来不是不太自然吗?

S: No,madam. No one will even notece it.不会,夫人。甚至没有人会注意到(您戴了假发)。

C: I need this hairpiece to give my hair some body, and it saves me time and effort of running to the beautician every time I want my hair fixed.我需要这顶假发来增加我头发的数量。而且,每当我头发需要梳理时,也可以节省时间和精力,省得跑去找美容师。

S: They are really a great 外教一对一学英语口语哪里好?cdswsz.com怎样选择好的一对一英语口语培训convenience.假发的确很方便。



C: Yes,Im here to see about wigs.是的,我来看假发。

S: Youve come to the right place. We are quite well known in our field. In fact,were the first and Im not boas ting when I say were also the est.你来对地方了。我们在假发界非常有名。其实我们是第一家,而且也是最好的。这并不是夸口。



C: Ive heard a lot about your place. A cretain friend recommended you to me . Hes been very satisfied with your services.我已经听到很多关于你们商店的事。是一个朋友推荐的他对你们的服务感到非常满意。

S: Im glad to hear that. (4)Will you please take a seat?很高兴听到您这样说。请坐。

C: Thank you.谢谢。



C: Exactly how do you have a permanentwig on?你们究竟是如何替客人戴上永久假发的?

S: Its a very simple process. We just sew in real human hair into your scalp and the op想要给孩子报个好的、合适的儿童英语培训机构youyi8.com首先你要知道儿童学英语什么最重要?eration just tades a few hours. In a week youll then feel like a new man.过程很简单。我们只是把真人的头发缝到你的头皮里。此手术只要几小时。一个星期后,你会觉得像个新人。

C: You sound very convinicing and tempting. But wont it be painful?听起来非常使信服,而且引人心动,但难道不会痛吗?

S: No,uyoull be given anesthesia and it might itch for a few days,but thats all there is to it. You cma comb it any way you like and even wash it as many times as you like.不会。你会被麻醉。可能会痒几天,但没有别的。你高兴怎么梳都可以。甚至你想多洗 几次都没关系。

C: How much will it be then那么,价钱是多少呢?

S: Seventeen thousand dollars.一万七千元。

C: Thats quite a big sum.那可是相当在的数目。

S: But its wourth it, Im sure.但是我相信是值得的。

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