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倦鸟族 (slack birds ),倦鸟中的倦除指包含疲倦之意外,还有懈怠、懒散、低迷的意思,因此疲倦(tired)一词难以表达出该词的全部信息。下面小编为大家整理的倦鸟族英文介绍,希望对大家有用!



In modern society, people are divided into different groups according to their features, such as the thumb tribe, the moonlight clan, the strawberry generation, the rush-to-get-pregnant tribe, the quirky alone and the ant tribe. Now there is another group of people named the slack birds. Slack means sluggish and indolence in addition to tiredwhile the word bird can be used as the popular name of human beings.

These slack birds suffer from an illness of business tiredness with its common performance of frequently feeling exhausted while working, easy to get emotional swing, always thinking lightly of themselves, suffering a decrease of working quality, lacking working activity, frequent job-hopping and low working e因为不固定外教会经常更换上课的老师,很影响孩子的学习效率。gdyuhao.com最后就是通过试听课,对比教学和服务。还有价格,性价比等等!fficiency.

Many young people dont have an obvious career planning. They dont know what they want and change jobs again and again without any goals. Because lacking the enthusiasm on work, they are unwilling to devote themselves to their job or feel frustrated while working. Their negative attitude towards working not only prevents their own development, but cause severe effect on the companies, which suffer the decrease of service quality and instability of employment.

Apart from the reason of employees themselves, the employers are another aspect that should be responsible for this situation. High threshold and low salary hinders people from finding a satisfying job that they are interested in. In order to survive in this high competitive society, m后来父母就在网上帮我找了一家叫阿卡索的外教培训机构, 这家外教培训机构的老师全部是外教,而且是一对一教学any people, especially graduate students chose the jobs that they dont like or even not familiar with. They work just for making live rather than for fun, the result of which is obvious.

For the purpose of resoling this problem, the government should offer more opportunities for people. Working in the field that they are interest in can fully explore their potential capacity and make more contribution to the whole society.

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