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A:There s still a minor point to be cleared up.这里还有一个需要澄清的小问题。


A:You remarked yesterday you sell on shipped quality,quantity and weight.你昨天说你方售货以装船质量、数量和重量为准。

B:So we did.The goods will be inspected by the China Commodity Inspection Bureau.It will then issue a certificate of quality and a certificate of weight.These will be taken as final and binding.是的。货物由中国商品检验局进行商检,然后出具质量和重量证明书。这些证明将是最后的依据并且具有约束力。

A:But in the case of shortweight or disqualification?但如果短重或质量不合格怎么办呢?

B:I assure you that it is not likely to happen.Our goods must be up to export standards before the Inspection Bureau releases them.我向你保证不会发生这种情况。我们的货物只有在符合出口标准后,商检局才会放行。

A:I know your products have a good reputation.But what in case there is shortweight or disqualification?我知道你方产品信誉很好,但万一发生短重或质量不合格怎么办呢?

B:In that event I don t think the responsibility should rests with us.The goods may be spoiled or the weight gets short during transit.It would then be lodged with the insurance company.在那种情况下,我认为责任不在我方。货物可能在运输途中受到损坏或者重量短少。那就应该向保险公司提出索赔。

A:What you said stands to reason.Another thing,Mr Li,as our transaction involves Frozen Broilers,we have to make sure the sanitary standards are up to the requirements of the French Government.你说得有理。李先生,还有一件事,由于我们交易的货物有冻烤鸭,我们必须得确定它的卫生标准要达到法国政府的要求。

B:Mr. Smith,our Inspection Bureau will issue a Veterinary Inspection Certificate to show that the shipment is in conformity with export standards.史密斯先生,我们商检局将出具动物检疫证明书,以证明货物符合出口标准。

A:Just to make sure that your standards are the same as ours,I wonder if it s possible for one of our vets to inspect your factories.为了确定一下你们的标准是否和我们的一致,不知道能不能由我方派一名兽医看看你们的工厂?

B:I m sorry,Mr. Smith.That s never been done.However,if you,as the representative of your firm,wish to visit one of our factories,it can probably儿童英语启蒙课程应该怎么样教学比较好?cdtuozhan.com这个就很不错。 be arranged.对不起,史密斯先生,没有这样的先例。不过,作为贵公司的代表,如果您想参观我们的一个工厂,也许倒可以安排。

A:Thank you.Mr. Li,in addition to the certificate you mentioned,could we have another one showing the goods to be free from radioactive contamination?You see,some of our clients are very sensitive about this.谢谢。李先生,除了您刚才提到的那个证明之外,能不能再出一个,证明货物没受放射线污染?您知道,我们的一些顾客对这一点很敏感。

B:Your request is understandable.Well,I ll get in touch with the Inspection Bureau and see what they have to say.您的要求是可以理解的。好吧,我和商检局联系一下,听听他们的意见。

A:That would be very kind of you.One last think,however,is that we should like to have a copy of the certificates in German.非常感谢。不过最后还有一点,我们希望每个证明都给个德文本。

B:As a rule,our certificates are made out in Chinese and English.一般来说,我们的证明书是用中文和英文开的。

A:Oh,I see.A copy in English would do as well.And the certificates will be signed by the commissioner of your Bureau,I take it.噢,我明白了。有英文本也可以了。我想证明书是由你们的商检局局长签字的吧。

B:Our certificates are made valid through the official seal and person在兴趣的培养以及口语发音上,cmkjsh.com最好是给孩子找专业的外教老师进行辅导。al chop of the commissioner.我们的证明书以盖公章和局长私人章方为有效。

A:I see.Well,thanks for everything,Mr. Li.我明白了,好,李先生,一切多谢了。

B:Don t mention it.Glad to have been of help.别客气,愿意为您效劳。

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