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A: Hi, Mr. Smith.

A: 你好啊,史密斯先生。

B: Hi, M提升英语听力的方法,dnsdz2007.com三步搞定iss Tian. I m so happy to see you again. I remember you came to our booth on the first day of the exhibiti阿卡索外教网怎么样 这个点评很专业on.

B: 你好, 田小姐。很高兴再次见到你。记得开展第一天你就来参观我们的展位了。

A: Yes, I m here again because your cotton textiles are very appealing to me.

A: 是的。我再次到来是因为你们的棉织品对我很有吸引力。

B: Do you like the products we sold you?

B: 喜欢我们卖给你的产品吗?

A: Yes. The cotton cheongsams are selling well, especially the ones with the traditional Chinese patterns and characters.

A: 是的。棉制旗袍很受欢迎,尤其是那些具有中国传统图案和文字的式样更受欢迎。

B: I m glad to hear that. I ll send you a catalogue of our various products when I go back to China.

B: 很高兴听到这些。等我回中国后会寄给你更多样的产品目录。

A: Thank you. In this exhibition, your products, presentation, and hospitality really impressed me. By the way, if your textile products have brighter colors, they will be more popular.

A: 谢谢。在这次展览会中, 你们的产品、展示,还有你的热情款待都给我留下了很深的印象。顺便说一下,如果你们的纺织品采用更亮一点的颜色,会更受欢迎。

B: I m glad you have a good impression of our products, Miss Tian. And I ll tell my general manager about your suggestion. I hope we can keep in touch and continue to cooperate. Our phone numbers and Email address are on the booklet I gave you. Please keep us informed about your selling of our products.

B: 田小姐,很高兴你对我们的产品留下这么好的印象。我会将你的建议转告给我们的总经理。希望我们能继续保持联系,并进一步合作。我给你的小册子上有我们的电话号码和电子邮件地址,请通报我们的产品销售情况。

A: I will keep in touch with you. Have a safe and happy journey home!

A: 我会和你联系的。祝归国旅程安全愉快!

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