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A:I m glad to meet you in person, Mr. Li.李先生,很高兴见到您。

B:I m glad to have the pleasure of meeting you, too. Now what can I do for you?我也很荣幸见到您,能帮您什么忙吗?

A:Well, as you know we re very interested in developing new markets, and we believe your expert o我是一个十岁孩子的家长,qzysty.com今天写这个文章有一个目的,我本来是一个很少写这样文章的人,但是这次不一样pinion will help us a lot. Would you give us some advice about the marketing of our products?噢,您知道我们对开拓新的市场很感兴趣,我们相信您的专家意见会对我们帮助很大,您能不能就我们的产品销售提些建议?

B:At the moment it would seem to us that it is not possible to give you a definite answer.现在对我们来讲似乎还不能给你们一个明确的答复。

A:My biggest concern now is business promotion. Can you give me some tips?我最关心的是产品的促销。您能提些建议吗?

B:There are a lot of ways to push sales in U.S.A. For example, try to make yourself known by TV ads.在美国有许多促销方式。比如,通过电视广告让外界了解你们。

A:Advertisement on TV will cost a lot of money, I suppose.我想电视广告会花费我们一大笔钱。

B:But for a new company, such expenses are absolutely necessary.但对一个刚开始运作的公司来讲,这笔费用是绝对必要的。

A:I know. Now, let s discuss advertising campaign for our company s products.这我知道。让我们谈一下我们公司产品的广告战略问题。

B:As you know, in order to guide our campaigns to success in the new market, we should work out a careful plan.你知道,为了使我们在新市场的广告战里大获全胜,我们应制定一个详尽的计划。

A:Could you put it in detail, Mr. Li?李先生,你能不能详细说一下?

B:I think the first thing is what media we should use and when we should place advertising in the media. Very often in a campaign, two or more media are used together. The purpose of our advertising is to draw foreign customers interest and keep hold of their attention, so that they may do something in return.我想首先是我们应选择使用何种广告媒体以及在何时播出广告。经常在广告战中同时使用两种或更多的广告媒体。我们广告的目的就是引起外商的兴趣并紧紧抓住他们的注意力,反过来我们就可以从中得到好处。

A:What media do you recommend then?您推荐什么广告媒体?

B:I think television is much more effective if it doesn t matter for us to pay a little more money.如果对我们来讲多花点儿钱无关紧要的话,电视广告效果要好得多。

A:Well, it s worth doing so long as the re在线英语培训哪家好,韦老师www.tjxay.com有十年教学经验。sult is satisfactory. But when shall we take this advertisement?只要效果满意,值得一试。那么我们何时做广告呢?

B:How about the beginning of this fall?今年秋初怎么样?

A:All right.好吧。

B:Furthermore, don t neglect all kinds of industrial shows and exhibitions. You will make lots of business friends there.而且不要忽视各种工业展览会,在那你会交许多商界朋友。

A:Only yesterday, I received an invitation to a machinery show, I think I should go and have a look.昨天我还收到了一份参观机械展览的邀请。我想我应该去看一看。

B:Right. And go to as many social events as possible, and to make yourself known in the commercial circle.好。另外还要尽量多参加社会活动,让商界了解你们。

A:Do you think I should visit some retailers?我是不是应该拜访几位零售商?

B:If you want to do a wholesale business, don t go to retailers. Retail sales can only be your supplementary business.如果你们想做批发生意,不要去拜访零售商。零售只能作为补充。

A:That is to say I should aim at big importers and chain stores.这就是说,我应该面对大的进口商和连锁店。

B:You get the point.你明白了。

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