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商务英语口语, 商务英语合同特色整理

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商务英语口语: 商务英语合同特色整理


1、At the request of Party B, Party A agrees to send technicians to assist Party B to install the equipment.
应乙方要求,甲方同意派遣技术人员帮助乙方安装设备。assist 较 help 正式;


2、The personnel shall not to partake in any political activities in Iraq.
所有人员不得参加伊拉克国内的任何政治活动。partake in 较 take part in 正式;

3、The Employer shall render correct technical guidance to the personnel.
雇主应该对有关人员给予正确技术指导。render 较 give 正式;

4、Party A shall repatriate the patient to China and bear the cost of his passage to Guangzhou.
甲方应将病人遣返中国并负责其返回广州的旅费。repatriate 较 send back 正式;

5、This Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of China.
本合同受中国法律管辖,并按中国法律解释。construe 较 explain,interpret 正式;

6、The Employer may object to and require the Contractor to replace forthwith any of its authorized representatives who is incompetent.
雇主认为承包人委派的授权代表不合格时,可以反对并要求立即撤换。require较ask正式;公文体forthwith 较 at once 正式;

7、The Chairperson may convene an interim meeting based on a proposal made by one-third of the total number of directors.
董事长可以根据董事会过1/3董事的提议而召集临时董事会议。convene,interim 都是正式用词。

8、In case one party desires to sell or assign all or part of its investment subscribed, the other party shall have the preemptive right.
如一方想出售或转让其投资之全部或部分,另一方有优先购买权。法律用词assign 较 transfer 正式。

9、In processing transactions, the manufacturers shall never have title either to the materials or the finished products.
加工贸易中,厂方无论是对原料还是成品都无所有权。 法律用词title 较 ownership 正式。

10、The term "Effective date" means the date on which this Agreement is duly executed by the parties hereto.
“生效期”指双方合同签字的日子。 法律用词execute 较 sign 正式。


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