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1.This offer is subject to your reply reaching here on or before 26th June.该报盘以你方答复是在6月29日或之前到达我处为准。

2.If we can receive your order within the next ten days,we will make you a firm offer at the prices quoted.如果我们在10天内收到你方订单,我们愿意按所报价格多少钱多少钱报以实盘。

3.This offer is firm(open,valid)for 5 days.该报价有效期为5天。

4.The price we quoted is on FOB Shanghai basis instead of CIF Hong Kong basis and our offer will be valid until August 31.我们所报价格多少钱多少钱是上海离岸价,而不是香港到岸价,我方报价的有效期至8/31

5.In compliance with your request,we are now offering you 2000 dozen magnifiers at$36 per dozen CIF San Francisco,September shipment.按贵方要求,我们报2000打放大镜,每打旧金山到岸价36美元,9月发货。

6.You will note that we are in position to offer you 50 long tons of tin toil sheets at the attractive price of$135 per long ton C&F Shanghai.你们可以发现我们向你们所报50英吨锡箔纸的价格多少钱多少钱是非常诱人的,每英吨为上海到岸价135美金。

7.We offer you 1500 tons of Canada Oats at the price of$400 per ton.现提供1500吨加拿大燕麦,每吨价格多少钱多少钱400usd are our latest price sheets.You’ll see that our prices are most competitive.这是我们的最新价格多少钱多少钱单,你会发现我方的价格多少钱多少钱极有竞争性。

9.We believe that the price we offer you can compete well with those of other firms.我们相信我方所报价格多少钱多少钱与其它公司相比有很大的竞争性。

10.We hope you will accept our offer and give us your order soon.我们希望贵方能接受我方的报价,并尽快下订单给我们。


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