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Ann: This is the house I want to rent.

Tom: Could you tell me the advantages of it?

Ann: No problem. First, its comfortable and cozy. Second, it has a lovely view of the city. Third, it has all kinds of electric appliances that we need, such as refrigerator, electric stove, heating apparatus, washing machine and dishwasher. Fourth is the most important, the electricity is free of charge. Finally it is located in the centre of the city and the transportation is convenie在线英语培训哪家好,韦老师tjxay.com有十年教学经验。nt.

Tom: There is something in what you said. But whats the rent?

Ann: $200 per week.

Tom: In my opinion, the rent is far more expensive than that in other areas.

Ann: It certainly is, but to tell you the truth, the room is so large that I can share it with someone else and that will decrease the total amount of the rent.

Tom: Your intention is good, but I still cant agree with you. If no one would like to share it with you, youll have to pay it all by yourself.

Ann: Dont you think I can save some bus fares since its easy to go anywhere from here and its near the place where I work?

Tom: I agree with you in this way, but how often do you go to work or shopping per week?

Ann: Twice a week for work and once for shopping.

Tom: In my opinion, you have to go to the university everyday, and the fare would cost you most of your living expenses if you live here far away from the university.

Ann: Thats true. OK, Ill think about it.

安: 这是我想租的房子。

汤姆: 你能告诉我它的优点吗?

安: 没问题。首先,它很舒适惬意。其次,在这儿你能看到城市优美的风景。第三,它有我们需要的各种家用电器,比如电冰箱、电炉、电热器、洗衣机、洗碗机等。第四,也是最重要的,电是免费的。最后,它位于城市中心,交通方便。

汤姆: 你说得有道理。租金多少?

安: 一周200美元。

汤姆: 在我看来,租金比其他地方贵多了。

安: 是的。但实话告诉你,房间很大,所以我可以和其他人合租,这样就能减少租金的数额。

汤姆: 你的意图是好的,但我仍不同意。如果没有人愿意同你合租,你就必须付全部租金。

安: 你不认为这儿到任何地方去都很方便,而且离我工作的地方很近,这样我就能省一笔公车费吗?

汤姆: 在这点上我同意。但每周你又上几次班或逛几次街呢?

安: 每周上两次班,逛一次街。

汤姆: 我认为,你必须每天都去大学,而这儿离大学很远,如果你住在这儿,车费将花去你生活费的大部分。

安: 这倒是真的。嗯,我再考虑考虑吧。

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