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at last, immediately, in the meantime, lately, meanwhile, shortly, afterwards, presently, since, temporarily, after, while, (the) front of, in (the) back of, beyond, above, below, inside, outside, beside, on the left (right)...


in the first place, first of all, to begin with, initially, finally, to start with, what is more, furthermore, moreover, next, for another, besides, in addition to, first and foremost, last but not least...


because (of ), since, for, as, due to, owing to, result in (from), on account of, as a result of, for the reason, consequently, as a consequence, accordingly, therefore, hence, consequently...


instead, yet, however, whereas, nevertheless, in contrast, but, rather than, conversely, otherwise, on the contrary, likewise, similarly, in the same way, like, on the other hand...


such as, for example, for instance, an example, a case in point, namely, that is, like...


on the whole, to sum up, to conclude, in summary, in a word, on a large scale, in brief, in short, as far as I am concerned, to some extent, generally speaking, in a way, to take the idea further, as a rule, in terms of, in a sense...


although, even though, in spite of , despite, even though, granted that...


providing that, as long as, no matter what, whatever,whenever...

还有表示选择关系(如or,either...or..., neither...nor...),递进关系(even...)等的连接词,大家在学习及写作中要注意多总结多运用。



Different people have different views on_____.Some people thinkthat_____,whereas others aegue that __________.

As far as I am concerned, I agree with the opinion that___________.For one thing,I firmly believe that ___________.Foranother,_____________.Just think of________,who/which_______.

Taking all these factors into consideration,we may safely come tothe conclusion that______.Only if_______can we _______,just as the sayinggoes,________________.


In recent years there have been many reports of ________.It turns anew chapter of _________in China,and will have far-reaching effects in theforthcoming years.

The biggest benefit,in my eyes,is that_______.Inaddition,_______.Finally,______________.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above,we should also face severalunavoidable challenges.In the first place,_____________.In the secondplace,________.Whats more,_______________.Insummary,we should_______________.


Nowadays more and more ____are commonly and widely used in everydaylife,ranging from __________to_____________.

The popularity of _____will have a great influence on ____.Onthe one hand,_______.On the other hand,__________.

Toconclude,_____are just like a double-edged sword.With them wemay_____.However,one point should be kept in mind that we should makesensible use,always being a mas再加上互联网的便利下,zdtcc666.com越来越多的人在网上学习英语,网络英语课程相比起线下英语培训有很多的优势。ter instead of slaving of them.







这一条是最核心的,因为在写作时间和篇幅都比较短的情况下,考生写出的内容几乎是一样的,唯一的判断标准几乎就是语言的质量。要首先保证语法和拼写正确,哪怕用小词、短句也可以。有能力的话再追求闪光的词句。例如,有考生在写2009年6月的作文时,写出了这样的开头句:There is no denying the fact that the vital of name has been a hotly debated topic in China.这句话是套用我以往范文给过的句子,基本结构是对的,但有两处明显的错误。一处为vital,是个形容词,而这里应该用名词。作者可能想用一个牛词来替换 importance以显示用词多样,结果弄巧成拙。另外一处错误为name之前应该有冠词a,其实题目中都给了,结果这位同学忽略了,缺乏基本的语法意识。其实作文中常犯的语法错误除了冠词错误,还包括时态错误、名词和动词单复数错误、代词不一致错误、词性错误以及句子主谓不完整错误。下笔时一定要谨慎。篇幅关系这里不能赘述。


这里说的是段落的结构和连贯性的问题。英语文章特别喜欢先总后分或开门见山的格局,另外,段落之间和句子之间的形式连接手段特别明显,即关联词用的很多。在写作的时候,几乎就是把给出的三点提纲作为每段的开头句,然后再加上两三个扩展句即理由或例证句就可以了。当然有时候为了论证自然或扩展字数也可以加上一点铺垫的句子。如2009年6月真题作文开头一句既可以是Some people claim that names are of great importance.也可以是There is no denying the fact that it is a controversial topic whether names are important or not.然后再说Some hold the positive view.后面再加上两三句论证的话。论证句或扩展句之间最好有连接词,如First,Second,Besides,Also,Similarly,In the same way,However等等。


about the mobile phone

human creativeness is boundles s . with the advance of science and technology , a completely new means of communication the mobile phone came to the wor ld , which , being not fixed in one place like ordinary phones , greatly facilitates telephone communication .

the mobile phone spread s so rapidly, first from businessmen to office worke rs , then to towns hip enterprise manager s , then to journalists and then nowadays to people of all tr ades and profes sion s . at present , it seems that nowhe re we do not hea r the musical ringing of the mobile phone . people at fir st buy phones for convenience and later for fashion . to occupy this increasingly big market , the manufactur ers ar e wor rying their br ains into making various types of phones , la rge or small , coloured or black and whit e, multi-functional or with video camer as , to satisfy the needs . new fashion s appear almost eve ry day .

howeve r , it is a gr eat pity that the inventor s of the mobile phone did not expect the negative effects caused by their scientific merits . because of the abuse of the mobile phone , aircraft mechanism r efuses to work prope rly , libra ries a re no longe r so quiet , restaurants ar e filled with noisy phone talk teaching is inces santly inter rupted by the signals . . . .

here, in the picture , a concer t is going on . the pianist is supposed to be playing beethovens symphony when , all of as udden , a man with a tie stood up , talking loudly over his mobile phone and telling his friend that he was att ending a conce rt of classical music . the audience shuddered with panic and the pianist was nea rly shocked to death .

it is not inf requent that the above scene happen s in public places . t rue, human beings have the right to 我觉得是会因人而异的。不过要想要找家性价比高的有外教教学的机构也还是有的。enjoy modern civilization , nevertheles s , should they know how to conduct themselves in the mode rn civilized society .

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